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Latest Lotto News | 09 Jun 2022

Playing online lottery games in Nigeria, where majority of lottery players are only used to visiting a lottery stand to play, is very beneficial.
This is because it saves you from wasting energy and money. More so, there are several other benefits to get if you start playing online lottery games. 
Below are some of the benefits:
1.    It saves you time
Playing online games will save you the time of visiting any lottery stand to play, you can play at any moment of the day you desire.
You only need to register an account, fund your wallet and start playing without wasting any time. 

To register, click here.
2.    You can play from any location
Playing online lottery games will allow you play from the comfort of your own home. 
To be eligible to play from anywhere, even beyond Nigeria, all you need is data connection on your smartphone to connect to our website.
Forget about transporting yourself to a stand to play. With elottery Nigeria, you can always purchase your lottery ticket to play from anywhere.

3.    It’s affordable
You don’t have to break a bank to play online lottery games. It’s very cheap to play for the chances of winning up to 10 million naira. 
With just #100, you can play our lottery games. 
After registering your account, you can start by funding with as low as #100 to play and you are good to go.

4.    You play anonymously
When you play our online lottery games, you will be anonymous, which will allow you to keep the exciting news to yourself and to keep winning in privacy. 
It’s just you and your smartphone doing the magic of winning lottery prizes.

5.    Variety of lottery games
At Elottery Nigeria, our games offer players the chance of choosing from a variety of lottery games.
We have 4 categories of lottery games, they include:
•    Instant win games, 
•    Daily Million
•    Naira Million and 
•    Lotto draw.

Our Instant win games include: 
•    Instant Lotto, 
•    Keno, 
•    Bingo 75, 
•    Wheel of Fortune, 
•    Jungle Scratch and 
•    Scratch and Win.
Plus more others to be added soon.

             Our Daily Millions include:
•    Sunrise
•    Galaxy
•    PM
•    Awilo knockout
•    Monday Special
•    Lucky Tuesday

•    Mid-week
•    Fortune
•    Bonanza
•    National
•    Foreign Extra

Our Naira Million includes:
•    Naira million jackpot
•    Naira million plus

Our Lotto daw include:
•    Lotto
•    Lotto plus

6.    It’s life changing
Imagine yourself winning 10 million naira today just by playing, you will be able to do a lot of things that you have always wanted to do with the money, i.e, the business you have always wanted to start, the car you want, the bills you would settle and many more.  It’s all possible when you play online lottery games.
Our goal at eLottery Nigeria is to set people free from poverty through our online lottery games and turn them into millionaires. This could be the way out of financial stress for you. Our online lottery games are easy to play and readily available for you.

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