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An instant win game means a game which the Interactive System determines at the point of purchase of a Play whether or not a Player has won a Prize and the level of any such Prize. 

  •  It usually comes with better odds of winning than their number drawing counterparts. While some people like the thrill of the televised build-up to large number draws, many busy players prefer pre-determined games because these products offer the thrill of a win without the need to wait for results on a specific day.
  • All Instant Win Games are games of chance. Game such as Instant Lotto is an Instant Win Game; it is not based on the Lotto draw. The outcome of a play is predetermined at the point of purchase and your actions will not influence whether you win a prize.
  • Interactive Instant win games are themed games.
  • Could win up to ₦10,000,000
  • Few instant win games can be viewed online
  •  All prizes can be transferred to the prize winner’s online account or wallet.
  • The result for a Play is randomly determined by the Interactive System. 
  • Player’s interaction with the Game does not impact on the result.

Yes – you can play if you're 18 or over. Play responsibly, play for fun. Thanks for playing, funds good causes around Nigeria.

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