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About the National Lottery

About Us-
The eLottery Nigeria games are promoted by E-Lottery Nigeria Limited. Currently porcessing our license  through National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria. We are lottery service company providing customers with the opportunity to play the biggest lottery draws, with official lottery tickets, from anywhere in Nigeria, serving as the industry standard with a stellar reputation and professional 24/7 customer service. A company registered in Nigeria (registration number: RC1081627) having its registered office at 4 Fijabi House, Onireke Road, Dugbe, Ibadan. Oyo – State.
ENL’s vision is for a National Lottery that operates in a socially responsible way providing exciting and life-changing lottery games that bring fun and entertainment to everyone.

Our Mission -
ENL’s mission is to operate a world-class lottery for the people of Nigeria, raising important funds for Good Causes.



ENL’s Values 
Player First-
We put the needs of and care for our players at the centre of everything we do. We aim to delight and satisfy our players every day.

We work together as a team in which everyone collaborates with, encourages, and supports each other.

We manage our business in a dynamic and progressive way that meets the challenges of an ever-changing society.

We are fair and honest in everything we do. We do what we say, and we keep our promises. We operate to the highest standards in all that we do.

Our Commitment
This responsibility is not a new concept to us and we continue to ensure responsible practices are integrated into day-to-day activities so that our lottery games are operated, marketed, and sold in a socially responsible manner. To maintain this accreditation, The eLottery Nigeria must demonstrate, with evidence, our commitment to the continuous improvement of our responsible gaming practices. In this way, we maintain our focus on providing our customers with a safe, secure, and friendly environment in which to play our games.

The Definitions-

⦁    Company means E-Lottery Nigeria Limited.

⦁    eLottery Nigeria Headquarters means the principal administrative offices of the Company. 

⦁    Licence means the licence granted to eLottery Nigeria Limited to hold the eLottery Nigeria, issued under the company the Act.

⦁     Application means the system applications (website, Mobile and Store platforms) supplied by the Company for use in marking a Player's Selection(s). 

⦁    Central Computer System means the computer system used to operate Draw Games. 

⦁    Contractors mean the eLottery's gaming systems contractor and its subcontractors. 

⦁    Retail Sales Agent means a person(s), corporate body or partnership appointed by the Company to be a eLottery sales agent at specified location(s) 

⦁    Advance Play means a facility to play the Games for the next 2, 4, 6 or 8 draws in advance with the purchase of one Ticket. 

⦁    Daily Million Game means the Lotto Game wherein a Player selects a from categories of Match spin and permutation games and  set maximum of 10 numbers from a set of 90 numbers, or opts for a Quick Pick selection, for a Draw at a predetermined slot or time on a pre-determined date, by use of an on-line application platforms

⦁    Naira Million Games means the game wherein a Player selects 5 numbers from set of 50 numbers or opt for a Quick Pick selection for a Draw at a predetermined Jackpot and Plus game on a predetermined date and time by use of online application platforms weekly on the draw days Tuesday 

⦁    Lotto Games means the game wherein a Player selects 5 numbers from set of 47 numbers or opt for a Quick Pick selection for a Draw at a predetermined Lotto draw and Plus game on a predetermined date and time by use of online application platforms weekly on the draw days Saturdays.

⦁    Instant Win Games is a ‘Try for Fun’ Interactive games which allows the players to select from our system based determinant games for winnings.   

⦁     Draw means the process which is used to randomly select a set of Winning Numbers for a specific Game. 

⦁    Draw-Based Game means a  eLottery game in which a Player selects a combination of numbers or symbols, the type of game and the amount of Play(s), for a pre-determined Draw, by use of an on-line platforms, or opts for a Quick Pick selection.

⦁     Effective Date means the first day of operation as agreed with the National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria. 

⦁    Event Draw means a Draw announced and designated as an Event Draw whereby if there is no Play which correctly matches, then allocated to the prize categories as determined and announced by the Company and approved by the Regulator. 

⦁    The Prize Pool for each of the prize categories for each Event Draw shall be as determined by the Company and approved by the Regulator. 

⦁    Games Related Information has the meaning given to it in the Rules for Draw-Based Games Played Interactively. 

⦁    Interactive System means the system (accessible via the Website and mobile application) established or operated by the Company for the purpose of registering Players, administering Player Accounts, facilitating Plays, holding Games-Related Information and paying Prizes. 

⦁    Panel means that area of the application which contains rectangular boxes numbered inclusive. Pari-mutuel means that a Prize Pool may be shared equally among all of the winners in each prize category as determined by the Company 

⦁    Play means the different numbers from inclusive which are selected and marked by a Player and which appear on a Ticket with a designated Panel letter or Quick Pick selection which appear on a Ticket with a designated Panel letter.

⦁    Player Account has the meaning given to it in the Rules for Draw-Based Games Played Interactively. 

⦁    Prize Claim Centre Agent means such a Retail Sales Agent designated by the eLottery. 

⦁    Quick Pick means a Play(s) consisting of different numbers which, instead of being selected by a Player, is/are selected on a random basis by The eLottery's computer system

⦁    Application means the on-line computer hardware and software by which a Retail Sales Agent enters the combination selected by a Player and by which Draw-Based Tickets are generated and Daily Million transactions are entered and processed, or where a Ticket is generated by means of the Quick Pick facility. 

⦁    Ticket means the Ticket issued by the Terminal to record a Player's Plays, the Draw date(s), the Draw time(s), the price of the Ticket (determined by the number of Plays) and other information as determined by the eLottery games from time to time. 

⦁    Ticket Owner means the person who has signed the Ticket or has possession of the unsigned Ticket or who is recognized by the Company as the owner of the 

⦁    Website means the Company’s interactive game website, which is accessible through URL www.elottery.ng 

⦁    The Company's decisions and judgments in respect to the determination of a winning Ticket or of any other dispute arising from the payment or awarding of prizes shall be final and binding upon all Players and any other person or persons concerned for any reason with these matters unless otherwise provided by law and these Rules. In the event that a dispute arises relative to the winning Ticket, a claim form, the payment, or the awarding of any prize, the Company may withhold payment of the prize winnings until a decision has been reached. 
⦁     In the event that a dispute between the Company and the Ticket Owner occurs as to whether the Ticket is a winning Ticket, and if the Ticket prize is not paid, the Company may, solely at its option, replace the disputed Ticket with a Ticket of equivalent sales price from any current eLottery Nigeria game. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the bearer of the Ticket (except as otherwise may be provided by Law, Rules, or Regulations). 
⦁    The Company may amend, modify, or otherwise change these Rules and upon full compliance with law, said amendments, modifications or changes shall become as effective and applicable as if part of the original Rules. 
⦁    In purchasing a Ticket, the Player agrees to comply with, and abide by, the law of Republic of Nigeria, the General Rules for eLottery Nigeria Games, these Game Rules and all procedures and instructions established by the Company for the conduct of the game. 
⦁    The Company or any authorized Retail Sales Agent may refuse to sell Tickets to any person without giving reasons. (f) A code of practice governing relations between participants in eLottery games and the eLottery Nigeria is available to download from the Website.
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