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Responsibly Play-
At the eLottery Nigeria, we are committed to empowering our players with the tools they need to protect themselves. 
Our online players are offered a wide range of up to date responsible play options. We have integrated play detection functionality across the Lottery app and eLottery.ng. This software can detect patterns of the early signs of problem play behaviour. When triggered, users receive on screen messaging with helpful information on normal patterns of play, time logged-in and how to play responsibly. We monitor onsite activities and engage with players if necessary.

Spending Limit-Mandatory limits could be applied by the players to their online account. This could be subjected to daily, weekly and monthly maximum spending limits. Meanwhile, the player must remember that maximum limits are not targets. To change the spending limits, user need to login into their accounts and select ‘Spending limits from their dashboard. A decrease in spend limits will take effect immediately, while an increase in spend limits will require a 24hrs waiting period before it’s activated. While logged into the account, the user can access these controls or by visiting the My Wallet area in the My Account section of eLottery.ng.

Take a Break of Close the Account-If at any stage the users find-out that our online games or draws are playing too large a part in their lives, they can consider taking a break. We have a range of options to suit every need:

Instant Win Games-The user can choose to lock themselves out of any or interactive Instant Win Games for a minimum period of two days or longer if so wish.

Temporary Account Closure-The user can choose to close their accounts for one month, six months, one year or five years.

Temporary Account Closure-Any decision to do this, such account will be closed for the period selected and we will return wallet balance by cheque or transfer. During the account closure, the user will not be able to play any Instant Win Games or Draw-Based Games. Additionally, we will not be able to send any notifications including marketing notifications.

Permanent Account Closure-The user can decide to close the account permanently. If choose to do this, the account will be closes permanently, we will return any balance in the users wallet by cheque or transfer and will no longer receive any notifications, including marketing messages from eLottery Nigeria. Should there be any difficulties taking a break or closing the account, the user can contact our Customer Services Team on 09152262680 and they will assist them. Their opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

Payment of prizes to persons under 18 years of age-Whereas a person under 18 years of age may be the owner of a Ticket, payment of all prizes will be made to the parent or legal guardian unless otherwise expressly authorized by the Company.

Criminal Prosecution -Any person, who forges, alters, attempts to alter, or presents a forged or altered Ticket with a view to obtaining a prize, or any other person who purchases a Ticket and is not entitled to do so, is liable to criminal prosecution.

Yes – you can play if you're 18 or over. Play responsibly, play for fun. Thanks for playing, funds good causes around Nigeria.

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