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Game End Notice-
Below is a list of our games for which gameplay has now ended as well as information on prize claim periods and replacement games. A player has up to 7 days* to claim all outstanding prizes after the date when play closes – check the ‘Last Date to Claim a Prize’ below for any game.
If your game does not appear on the list below, game end has not yet occurred, so there is still plenty of time to claim that prize. Just remember to check back here from time to time to ensure you know how long you have left to claim any prize.
⦁    Daily Million – 7 days
⦁    Lotto Draws – 7 days
⦁    Naira Million Jackpot – 7 days
⦁    Instant Win Games – 7 days

Yes – you can play if you're 18 or over. Play responsibly, play for fun. Thanks for playing, funds good causes around Nigeria.

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