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Rules of the Games

Rules of the Games-
⦁    These rules are to be read in conjunction with, and are in addition to, the General Rules for eLottery Nigeria Games. 
⦁    These Rules may be referred to as the Game Rules 
⦁    These Rules will apply to all Tickets purchased for the first Draw to be held after the proposed lunching date and subsequent Draws. Tickets purchased for Draws up to and including the Draw to be held on the start date. The Game will end with a Draw or series of Draws on a date or dates determined by the Company. 
⦁    The Rules for Draw-Based Games Played interactively apply to Tickets purchased through the eLottery’s Nigeria Interactive System and should also be read in conjunction with these Rules.
⦁    In these Rules unless the context requires otherwise: 
Internet Entries Purchases-
⦁    A person may participate in an Authorised Lottery via online applications if the player’s registration with eLottery.ng  is current and in the manner specified.
⦁    To register with eLottery.ng  a person must: 
⦁    not then already  registered with eLottery.ng, 
⦁    be an individual person, 
⦁    be 18 years of age or older,
⦁    reside in Nigeria Territory or an Overseas Jurisdiction, 
⦁    have an e-mail address, and 
⦁    establish an Account via our  application with eLottery.ng  whereby the person is allocated a member ID and selects a password (both of which must be verified and not be revealed to any other person) which are to be used for the purchase of all Entries via our platforms. 
⦁    A player may deposit funds into the Account by the means advised on the application and will only be permitted to offer to purchase Entries once eLottery.ng  has received confirmation from the relevant financial institution that funds have been cleared
⦁     A player’s Account and registration may be suspended or closed at any time without notice and without giving any reason and the balance of such Account will be remitted to the player unless eLottery.ng  is required by law to do otherwise. 
⦁    By using the application to participate in an Authorised Lottery the player is making an offer to purchase entries in the particular Draw or Draws of the relevant Authorised Lottery nominated by the player, which offer if accepted will constitute a contract made in Nigeria Territory and under its laws. 
⦁    It is the responsibility of a player to satisfy himself or herself prior to submitting an offer to purchase an Entry that all the details shown on the relevant page of the platforms are correct. 
⦁    Players shall confirm their offer to purchase an Entry in the manner explained on the platforms. 
⦁    The offer to purchase an Entry shall be accepted and confirmed by eLottery.ng  upon allocation by eLottery.ng  of a ticket/serial number which constitutes an acknowledgment of the acceptance of the Entry and the recording of same on eLottery Nigeria’s lottery system. If a player does not receive a ticket number in respect of an offer to purchase an Entry, the player may request, either by telephone or in writing to eLottery.ng or eLottery Nigeria (as the case may be) shall provide confirmation or otherwise of the acceptance of the Entry in the Authorised Lottery.
⦁     Upon acceptance of the offer to purchase an Entry, the player will have the option of printing a copy of the details of the Entry by following the instructions on the platform with such copy showing: 
⦁    the name of the relevant Authorised Lottery or Authorised Lotteries; 
⦁    the selected number or numbers in the selected Authorised Lottery or Authorised Lotteries and if applicable, the type of Entry(s); 
⦁    the Draw number or if a Multi Entry, the Draw number ranges, to which the Entry relates; 
⦁    the Draw date(s), or if a Multi-week Entry, the Draw date ranges , to which the Entry relates (other than for the Authorised Lottery known as Daily Millions, Naira Millions Lotto Draws and Instant Win Games); 
⦁    the date and time of purchase; 
⦁    the Subscription paid and their total; and 
⦁    the ticket/serial number of the Entry. Such copy of the details of the Entry can only be used as evidence of an Entry in an Authorised Lottery if the details match the full details recorded on eLottery Nigeria’s lottery system. 
⦁    Each offer to purchase an Entry must be accepted by eLottery Nigeria prior to the Close of Acceptance of Entries. 
⦁    Upon acceptance of the Entry in accordance with Rule, the player may only cancel such Entry if the platform allows such cancellation and only prior to the Close of Acceptance of Entries. 
⦁    eLottery Nigeria  shall not be liable for any delay in accepting an offer to purchase an Entry or for loss of any nature (including loss of a chance) which results from the temporary breakdown of, interruption to, or inability to access the platform or any part or functionality of the platform  for any purpose, or for errors which occur as a result of any failure in the communication links provided by telecommunications carriers or service providers, or between financial institutions and eLottery Nigeria  and any other circumstances beyond their reasonable control. 
⦁    Prizes won by Entries purchased via our platforms  will only be payable to the player registered with eLottery Nigeria by:
⦁     if the Prize being claimed is a monetary Prize, by crediting the Account with the amount of the Prize; 
⦁    if the Prize being claimed is a non-monetary Prize it will be provided by allocation of such non-monetary Prize to the Account of the Player. 
⦁    A player will not be able to withdraw funds from his or her Account until eLottery Nigeria has been provided with proof of identity, age and place of residence, in the form required by eLottery.ng. 
⦁    A player may block his or her ability to offer to purchase an Entry via our platforms at any time as described under Responsible Play Section in the manner set out on the application. 
⦁    The use of the Internet to enable players to offer to purchase may be suspended or terminated at any time without notice to players. 
⦁    eLottery Nigeria  may change the information or the format of the information on the platforms  at any time without notice to players provided such changes are not inconsistent .
⦁     If the platform allows for a player to request anonymity and the player does not do so, eLottery.ng  and/or eLottery Nigeria shall be at liberty to publicize any player’s name as a Prize winner. If the platform does not allow for a player to request anonymityeLottery.ng and eLottery Nigeria will not publicize any player’s name as a Prize winner. 

Method of Play- 
Cost of a Play-
⦁    A Player must play a minimum of one row in the draw games. 
⦁    The cost of each additional Play shall be same as the first 
⦁    The cost of an Advance Play Ticket will be the cost of the Plays selected multiplied by the number of Lotto Draws the Player has chosen. 
Making a selection for a Game-
⦁    On any numbers based games a Player may play a minimum of one Play and maximum number of Plays equal to the number of Panels included in the panel. 
⦁    Each Play is made by the Player marking the specific numbers in a Panel, each with a vertical line which should not extend beyond the outline of the rectangular box. 
⦁    The completed Panel together with the appropriate amount due would be deducted from account wallet or should then be submitted to the Retail Sales Agent. In the case of Retail Sales Agent, he/she then on the Player's behalf and as his/her agent help with the selection of numbers or through Quick Pick facility through the system. The system will then issue a Ticket recording each Panel marked. 
⦁    A Player may by specifying the numbers required per Play, request the Retail Sales Agent to key in stake Plays. 
⦁     Where a Player requests Quick Pick Plays, the Retail Sales Agent (without requiring a Panel) will, through the system, issue a Ticket which has recorded on it the requested number of Quick Pick Plays, with a minimum of one Play. Alternatively a Play may be made by the Player marking the "Quick Pick" box in respect of any Panel(s). 
⦁    Where a Player uses the Advance Play facility he/she will mark his/her selections in the appropriate Panels and mark the appropriate box for the next 2, 4 or more Draws. The system will issue a Ticket which will show the selections made, the number of Draws selected and the range of Draw dates for which the Ticket is valid. 
⦁    Quick Pick number selections for any given Draw may be duplicated. 
Entry into a Game-
⦁     Only the Plays recorded by the Central Computer System are valid for participation in the Game. 
⦁     A panel has no monetary or prize value and shall not in any circumstances constitute evidence of Ticket purchase or of any Play. 
⦁    A Ticket shall be the only valid basis for claiming a prize or prizes. 
⦁    The Company shall not in any circumstances be liable to a Player for any acts or omissions by Retail Sales Agents. 
⦁    None of the Company, its Retail Sales Agents or Contractors shall be responsible for lost or stolen Tickets. 
Cancellation of a Ticket-
⦁    Cancellation of a Ticket is the sole and exclusive remedy where there is an error or omission on or in relation to a Ticket. 
⦁    On the cancellation of a Ticket the Player shall be entitled to a refund from the Retail Sales Agent equal to the price of the Ticket provided the played ticket is returned. 
⦁    The Retail Sales Agent shall mark the void box and retain the cancelled Ticket together with the cancellation authorization. 
⦁    Subject to (b) above, a Ticket purchased on the day of a Draw and eligible for that Draw may only be cancelled if returned to the issuing agent  before Ticket sales for the Game close prior to the Draw. 
⦁    The Company accepts no responsibility for Tickets cancelled in error, or where the numbers appearing on a Ticket disagree with the numbers on file at the Central Computer System for that Ticket. 
⦁    Neither the Company nor its Contractors shall be responsible for Tickets redeemed by a Retail Sales Agent in error. 
Player responsibility-
⦁     It shall be the sole responsibility of the Player to verify that the Plays recorded on the Ticket correspond with the number supplied or otherwise specified and that the date(s) of Draw(s) printed on the Ticket are as required. 
⦁    None of the Company, its Contractors or Retail Sales Agents shall be liable in any circumstances for any errors or omissions in respect of the issue of a Ticket or the information recorded on any Ticket (whether details of Plays, Game or otherwise whatsoever), or for any other defect in the Ticket. 
Sale of Tickets-
⦁    No person or business other than a Retail Sales Agent under contract with the Company for the sale of Tickets may sell Tickets except that nothing in this © ELottery Nigeria Limited rules shall be construed to prevent a person who may lawfully purchase Tickets from making a gift of Tickets to another. 
⦁    Tickets may not be sold at a location other than the location address listed on the Retail Sales Agent's contract with the Company. 
⦁    Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the Company from designating certain of its employees to sell Tickets direct to the public. 
⦁    No Retail Sales Agent may sell a Ticket at a price per Play other than that set down by the Company. 
⦁    No Retail Sales Agent may receive compensation for the sale of Tickets other than that authorized and provided by the Company.
⦁     No Ticket shall be purchased by, and no prize shall be paid to, any director, agent or employee of the Company or any Contractor or sub-contractor or, if the Contractor or sub-contractor is a company, any director or employee of the Contractor or sub-contractor involved in the operation of Draw-Based Games for the eLottery Nigeria or any other person prohibited by the Act. If such a person becomes the owner of a Ticket it shall not be eligible for any prize. If any prize is awarded, such a prize shall be returnable to the Company. 
⦁    No Ticket shall be sold to any person under the age of eighteen years, but this shall not be deemed to prohibit the purchase of a Ticket for the purpose of making a gift by a person eighteen years of age or older to a person less than that age. Any Retail Sales Agent who knowingly sells or offers to sell a Ticket or share to any person under the age of eighteen years shall be liable to prosecution. 
⦁    No Retail Sales Agent may enter into any special agreement with a Player to sell Tickets outside of the normal methods of Play.

Draw and Division of Prize-
⦁    Procedure for Draws 
⦁     Draws shall be conducted at times and places and pursuant to procedures determined by the Company from time to time. 
⦁    Selection of Winning Numbers
⦁    Draws shall be made using electro mechanical Draw equipment or such other equipment as the Company may from time to time determine. 
⦁    At each Draw there shall be randomly selected a set of Winning Numbers
⦁    The Winning Numbers will be provided to the media for dissemination to the public.
⦁    In the event of any Draw being declared invalid another Draw will be conducted to determine the Winning Numbers. 
⦁    In the event that any Draw is interrupted due to equipment failure or for any other reason, the Draw will be completed in accordance with the Company's procedures. 
⦁    Where there is significant interruption to the provision of a Game or Games the Company reserves the right to defer a Draw or Draws until the Game(s) is/are restored and Players have a reasonable opportunity to enter into the Game(s).

Payment Of Prizes And Ticket Validation Requirements-
⦁    Payment of Prizes Prizes in all prize categories below the Jackpot and other major prize may be available for payment on the day following the Draw. 
⦁    Ticket Validation Requirements In addition to any other requirements specified in these Rules, the following requirements shall apply before a Ticket shall be regarded as a valid prize winning Ticket. 
⦁    The Ticket must have been issued on behalf of the Company by a Retail Sales Agent through our applications only. 
⦁    The Ticket must be intact and must not be mutilated, altered, illegible, incomplete or tampered with in any manner. 
⦁    The information recorded on the Ticket must correspond with the Central Computer System computer records. Only the Plays recorded by the Central Computer System will participate in the Game. 
⦁    Each number on the Ticket, whether a Play number, or otherwise must be fully legible. 
⦁    The Ticket must not be defectively printed or produced in error to an extent that it cannot be processed by the Company or a Retail Sales Agent. 
⦁    The Ticket must not be counterfeit or cancelled. 
⦁    The Ticket must not appear on the Central Computer System computer record of cancelled Tickets. The Company accepts no responsibility for Tickets cancelled in error. 
⦁     All information appearing on the Ticket must appear in the Central Computer System's computer record of winning Tickets. 
⦁    The Ticket must pass all additional confidential validation tests and security criteria established by the Company. 
⦁    The Company shall not in any circumstances be liable to a Player for any acts or omissions by Retail Sales Agents. 

Consequences of a Ticket being invalid-
⦁    In the event that a Ticket fails to pass any of the criteria set out in Rule that Ticket shall be deemed void and ineligible for any prize. 
⦁    The Company may solely at its option, replace an invalid Ticket with a Ticket of equivalent sales price for any subsequent Game.  Liability, if any, of the Company is limited to replacement or refund.

Claiming the prize-
⦁    Time Limit on Claims All prizes must be claimed within 90 days from the date of the Draw at which the Winning Numbers were drawn. For prizes which may only be claimed from Prize Claim Centre Agents or from Lottery Headquarters in the event that the 90th day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the time limit shall expire at 5.30pm on the next working day. Any prize not claimed within such period in the manner specified in these Rules shall be forfeited. The unclaimed prize money shall be allocated to a special reserve fund to be utilised by the Company in accordance with the Licence.  In the case of a prize claimed by mail, the Ticket must be received by the Company at the ELottery Nigeria Limited, 4, Fijabi House,Onireke Road, Ibadan within the time limit on claims. All prizes may be redeemed at eLottery Headquarters.

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