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ID Verification For Responsible Play

Why verify?

The Elottery Nigeria  has undertaken a review of all registered online players with the aim of improving online security and ease of use. As part of this review, upgraded ID verification technology to establish users real identity and age while playing online is now available on all accounts. ID verification is important for the processing and payment of any prizes won while playing online.


Benefits of verifying your ID

Claim prizes quicker

You will be able to process claims quickly and easily for any prize won while playing online either through the National Lottery app or at elottery.ng.

Better customer care

The online support team will be better able to process any queries made to the Elottery Nigeria by players that have already verified their ID.

Prevention of underage play

Every effort is made on behalf of Elottery Nigeria to ensure that all players meet legal requirements in order to play including being of legal age. ID verification is another step to ensure that all players are aged 18 or over and therefore eligible to play.

Reduce security threats

To minimise the risk of 3rd parties gaining access to our player's account, ID verification is another step in increased security and awareness when playing online.

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